100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 39 - Hot For Teacher

Oh, man. Sometimes I feel like Leslie and I share more than just tall girl genes. I also like to lay it all the way out there, plain as day when I'm into a guy.

Guys, however, seem to want you to be the most shrinkingest of violets, the most advanced "is she into me or nah?" sudoku, a hide-and-go-seek warrior. 

Most of the articles that I've seen about this fun exchange are talking about how they think Leslie got herself a date out of this. Have these writers never dealt with a fuckboy before? I'm not saying this teacher dude is a fuckboy, but it is fuckboy behavior adjacent. I am saying that his last tweet is every guy who ever tried to keep me hopeful and on the back burner, every guy who "doesn't like to plan ahead," every guy who likes my instagram photos but doesn't answer my texts. 

See for yourself here.

Introducing The World's First Mediocre Size Model

This video is my favorite thing to happen this week.

You may recall Shanna Shrum from her episode of Champagne & Snark. You may also know her from her stage performances.

But, from this day forward, you will know her as Fuschia, the world's first mediocre sized model.

Oh...and I have a quickie cameo and can now cross "participate in a dramatic filmed squad walk" off my bucket list.

100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 36

Victoria McNally from The Revelist and I have the same type of mind. 

Whether or not you like Leslie Jones' comedy, it is horrifying to watch a woman getting publicly attacked. When it's a stranger, like celebrities are, it makes you feel even more helpless, because you don't know how to reach out and say "it's okay". You can't pat their back or stand between them and the attacker, like you would if you were in the street.

But, we're not helpless. Our actions count. Good or bad.

Here are 16 things that Victoria came up with to show Leslie support.

100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Day 31 - Oh, how quickly things get quiet

When I first started on this quest to write 100 things about Leslie Jones, the actress's website had just been hacked, private nude photos of her had been stolen and published (which...tbh...should be classified as a sexual assault) and she'd been harassed so much on Twitter that she had to take a hiatus.

We are on Day 31 and talk about all of that hailstorm is such a distant memory.

What the fuck even is that? How can something be so extreme, so horrifying, so awful and be so quickly forgotten?

Something is broken.

100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 30 - Presidential Election

If you don't already know, Leslie Jones is the ultimate live-tweeter. I've never watched Game of Thrones, but I have definitely watched her tweet about it. And her tweets about the Rio Olympics got her flown to the freaking Rio Olympics.

Last night, Leslie, like everyone, was glued to the first presidential debate between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and consistently failed business man Donald Trump. Side note: Whenever I write something about Trump, I'm a little terrified that he might win and immediately kill all the people who spoke against him...like all the fascists who came before. That's not even a joke. That's a real fear I have in 2016 America.

But back to National Treasure Leslie Jones. Here are some highlights from


Sorry for skipping a few days! I was in Miami playing in a tournament!

100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Day 24 - Priorities

Dontre Hamilton

Eric Garner

John Crawford III

Michael Brown

Ezell Ford

Dante Parker

Tanisha Anderson

Akai Gurley

Tamir Rice

Rumain Brisbon

Jerame Reid

Tony Robinson

Phillip White

Eric Harris

Walter Scott

Freddie Gray

Sandra Bland

Philando Castille

Terrance Crutcher

Keith Lamont Scott

In the first half of 2016 alone, police have killed 532 people — many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color.


100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Day 23 - Leslie On The Emmys

Leslie Jones shined bright like a diamond at the Emmy's in a cobalt blue jumpsuit. I'm always here for a bright colors and a good jumpsuit.

More than that, she used the time to joke about her recent hacking. We know that the root of all jokes is an element of truth and this is no exception. We're out here guarding the category winners of the Emmys, while a successful woman's naked body is on the news? Let's take a hard look at ourselves, humankind.

See the full stage moment here and a couple pics of Leslie with the hottest Emmy babes in Paper Magazine.

100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 21 - Why Am I Doing This?

100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 21 - Why Am I Doing This?

When I first started 100 Day of Leslie Jones, I wanted to steer away from all the bullshit she was going through. And instead of making it a "I'm going to do something nice, because these creeps on the internet suck", I wanted to just focus on all the good things and why, in general, she fascinates me and I'm a fan of her work. I didn't want to make it about the gross internet stuff that was running the headlines surrounding her name.

Although that is still the main purpose, it would be silly to pretend that her internet bullying/hacking/shaming/fucking assault wasn't a catalyst for wanting to explore Leslie Jones further as a performer, public figure and woman. It was getting to a point that pretending this wasn't a factor and not addressing the elephant in the room was making it harder to keep writing.

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