Drake's Hotline Bling Translated To Be Less Douche-y

By now, you've probably heard Drake's Hotline Bling and, even if you haven't seen the video, you have definitely seen the many, many memes that have come out of it.

I love Drake. The musclehead 'roidy Drake of now is a little too "screaming on the inside" for me when compared to the soft Drake of yore. But, whatever Drake you get, he's always putting out hits.

Hotline Bling bothers me though. It's a song about feeling a little judge-y about a girl he used to know that goes out dancing and travels and has a life of her own. All the while admitting that he left her in this city to do his own stuff. But he seems to have expected her to stay in some type of time-safe cocoon while he's out being Drake?

Then, I came across this translation via Buzzfeed from storyteller Javetta Laster and all I can say is "FUCKING THANK YOU, JAVETTA." I'm glad I wasn't alone.

Hotline Bling. Drake. *Initiate What You Rele Sayin Translation:Ever since I left the city, you've established an...

Posted by Javetta Laster on Saturday, October 3, 2015