Accidentally Sexy Challenge: Bake This Cake

Full disclosure, I write for and have had a professional relationship with them for years.

The reason I do, however, is because this website is so bad ass. Their big thing is rainbow food and I have never made any of it! This rainbow cake has been calling my name for three years now. I'm going to make this recipe, but there is a list of different rainbow cakes that you can try.

Let's all try it together.

And, I'm willing to bet, seeing a rainbow cake is going to make the people in your life enjoy it even more!

Also, I'm changing the name of the #HowToBeSexy Challenge to the Accidentally Sexy Challenge. It just feels more natural. If you post these up on Instagram, tag me @AccidentallySexy! I'd love to see how everyone does.

If you want to see some of the pieces that I've written for, you can check that out here.