#HowToBeSexy Challenge: Finish Reading A Book

John Waters famously said, "If you go home with somebody and they don't have any books, don't fuck 'em!" Those are words to live by. Reading isn't just fundamental, it's sexy AF! It means a couple things: a) this person probably can carry on a conversation, b) they have an imagination, because you have to imagine everything you read in a book. Both things = yum.

It took me a really long time to realize this, but having brains and a thought within them makes you a very attractive person. Reading is a way to stimulate that. It gives you a brain boner, if you will.

When I'm on a date with a guy and he asks me what I'm reading, I want to have a genuine answer!   And I want to talk about my thoughts on said book. 

As much as I love reading, it's really hard for me to get to the end or even to choose reading over watching TV/endlessly refreshing for new updates on my Facebook timeline/daydreaming about eating. Right now, I have three books that I've started, but haven't finished. And each time I pick one up, it's a treat! Yet, the knowledge that I haven't been able to complete them is really bumming me out. It makes me feel super judgmental on myself.

This week, I'm going to commit to finish Paris, He Said by Christine Sneed. This is one of those books that seemed to find me at the right time. It's about a woman in her early 30s who works in art and is whisked away to Paris on a romantic adventure. Everyone who has read it tells me that the book doesn't end up being about what you think it is going to be about, so I'm really excited to get to the game changer in the book. So far, it's been a fun world to step into. The descriptions of Paris, art and her handsome rich older man boyfriend are a great fantasy, but I haven't really gotten a hold of anything surprising. 

As always, tag me on Instagram (IG: AccidentallySexy) or use the #HowToBeSexy hashtag. I'd love to see you guys in the middle of your challenge! Plus, a bunch of babes sharing images of them reading under a #HowToBeSexy hashtag seems like a super sexy thing to me.

What book are you going to commit to finish this week?