Champagne & Snark: The Podcast

For those of you who haven't heard, Champagne & Snark is the podcast where I drink champagne with interesting people and talk to them about topics that no one else will. Essentially, I took all the things I love most in life and smashed them together. It is honestly my favorite way to spend a weekend.

I bring on people who I want to have a deeper conversation with, toast their lives with champagne and talk to them about something they are passionate about but not the thing that they are famous for. I started the podcast last year with a cohost, but went through a format change and am now hitting it harder than ever. We are already 8 episodes in!

Here are some actual texts and reviews I've gotten about the show:

  • "It was as tho I was in the same room and part of an interesting conversation with like-minded people! Then I remembered I was in another country, haha :-)"
  • "I am going to buy champagne to drink while I listen!"
  • "When I listen on headphones, it really feels like I'm in the middle of two friends talking."
  • "I really love the mix of guests on each episode. Rather than sticking to one talent over another (like all writers or all comedians), Champagne works because of it's variety of voices and stories."
  • "C&S pops the top of Chicago's creative community and bubbles over with witty banter, honesty and insight from an array of topics. Love the format of writers, comics and fashion designers, etc... discussing things other than their work. Host Ana Fernatt does a great job of keeping the dialogue on track and seamlessly guides the guest deeper into the episodes theme."

If you haven't listened yet, you can pop on over to my podcast page on this website and subscribe to through your favorite RSS reader, iTunes or Stitcher!

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Who would you like to see next on Champagne & Snark?