The Sexiness Of Women

A few weeks ago, I interviewed fashion designer Alysse Delasandro of Ready-to-Stare on my podcast Champagne & Snark. The interview was overall about travel and how it has played a roll in her life, but we spent a good amount of time also talking about body positivity and determining your own experience. Alysse's line is "size inclusive." This means that they carry the usual small, medium and large, but continue that much further up the X spectrum in all styles.

During our interview, Alysse said "There is something about my body that is naturally sexy." And that statement really stuck with me. It is so incredibly self-accepting. It's not that I'm surprised that she is so empowered and feeling herself. It's that I realized how much I was not.

As women, we make a lot of excuses for our body. I feel like I've spent so much of my life apologizing for how I look. This is too big. This is too small. This is kinda crooked. There's a scar here. If you pay attention, you'll probably notice that looks are the first thing people attack when they have no other ground to stand on.

The reason it's so easy to attack looks is because they are so very "in the eye of the beholder." Kim Kardashian is a ridiculously beautiful woman and people talk shit about her looks all the time. Amy Schummer tells a joke (which I am going to now butcher, because I couldn't find the exact quote on Google) about overhearing two male comedians talking about whether they would have sex with Hilary Swank. And they were saying how she wasn't that great, etc. She then says that in reality, they would wet themselves if Hilary Swank ever allowed them anywhere near her body. Because, of course they would. Hilary Swank is gorgeous.

And yet, it's not science. It's not fact. It's all perspective. And, therefore, the easiest to knock.

That's where we come back to Alysse's quote that "There is something about my body that is naturally sexy." We are all sexy if we are willing to accept that of ourselves. Waking up and being blessed with the fact that you get to be a woman makes you sexy. You've already got your feet in the game. You don't have to lose weight or gain weight or cut your hair or grow your hair or any of that. At the same time, you are a powerful human with limitless possibilites. You can do any of that or none of that. Whatever you feel like. Just know. You are already sexy.

You really did wake up like this.

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