Let's Stop Being Dickheads To Each Other, Okay?

We could all have this if we decided to be open to it.

Imagine one of your last words to be about your husband and simply be "He likes me." Sometimes I don't even know if a guy I'm texting with likes me. It's so stupid that we do this to each other.

I've seen this video popping up on Facebook and the comments are typically something along the lines of "this is so rare." It probably is. And that sucks. I don't think finding love has to be some sort of unattainable diamond. We can all have it. The things that stop us are these dumb games we play. We're not just keeping someone else at a distance, we're really fucking it up for ourselves too.

For every time a guy ignores my texts or houdinis, I then feel the need to build up a protective mechanism. And, in turn, I'll ignore texts or slip away from the next guy, because now I'm trying to save my feelings. And he'll probably do it to the next girl and so on and so on. Every time we're a jerk to someone, they build another protective layer and go on to be a jerk to someone else. We are peeing in our own pool.

You want a love like this? You need to love like this.

Can we all make a deal to just go for it? Hold hands. Compliment each other. Softly touch each other's cheek when we have a moment alone. Put our fears aside and open ourselves up to something greater. And always reciprocate.

Never leave the other person guessing. Let them know exactly how you feel. And, most of all, let yourself feel. Allow your feelings to exist.

Good luck and good love.