Dear Dudes: Welcome, What Brings You Around These Parts?

In the six years that I have been writing Accidentally Sexy, I've always had a large male audience and it has always confused people. They seem surprised that any guys would read this blog. Let alone a majority.

Honestly, their reaction usually makes me think they've never read my work. Thinking that the audience will only be women is pretty one dimensional. I think there is an assumption that anything about dating and relationships is immediately meant for women. That's another topic for another day. According to Google Analytics, my audience is actually pretty evenly split with guys being only one or two percent ahead of women.


Dudes are definitely the most vocal on Accidentally Sexy. I hear from them both privately and in the comments way more than the ladies.

So. To help me answer the confusion of interested parties, guys, what brings you to Accidentally Sexy? And why have you stayed?