100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 39 - Hot For Teacher

Oh, man. Sometimes I feel like Leslie and I share more than just tall girl genes. I also like to lay it all the way out there, plain as day when I'm into a guy.

Guys, however, seem to want you to be the most shrinkingest of violets, the most advanced "is she into me or nah?" sudoku, a hide-and-go-seek warrior. 

Most of the articles that I've seen about this fun exchange are talking about how they think Leslie got herself a date out of this. Have these writers never dealt with a fuckboy before? I'm not saying this teacher dude is a fuckboy, but it is fuckboy behavior adjacent. I am saying that his last tweet is every guy who ever tried to keep me hopeful and on the back burner, every guy who "doesn't like to plan ahead," every guy who likes my instagram photos but doesn't answer my texts. 

See for yourself here.