100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Day 1 - Olympics Correspondent Job Manifestor

It's hard to decide where I even want to start with the magnificent Leslie Jones. Do I pay homage to the places where I see myself? Like being a tall girl. Being a strong girl. Being a bold girl. Being a smart girl. Do I go all heart-eyed over the places where I fall short and am in admiration? Like growing up in a military family. Like traveling the country with your idols. Like reaching the pinnacle goals in your chosen industry. Good thing I'm giving myself 100 days to do it.

I'm just going to jump right in to Leslie Jones: Olympic Correspondent Job Manifestor. Screw the actual sports events, this had me doing a standing ovation from my living room. 

Leslie Jones' tweets and videos about the Olympics were so entertaining that NBC flew her out to Rio in the middle of the Olympics to do it for the network. That's some expert level magic right there.That's some The Secret, vision board, dream journal shit right there. That's some vibrate at the level you want to be divination right there.


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I've never been that into the Olympics. As an adult, I've started to understand why they are so great. As a kid, you live your life in a constant state of mild delusion and hope regarding what you'll be capable of when you grow up. When you do grow up and still can't pole vault, the feats accomplished by these fellow human beings becomes a lot more striking. Simon Biles jumps three times her heigh and barely bends her knees to do it. By comparison, I have to do that swing your arms back, full squat jump to skip a couple stairs. That's wild.

Even with my general "meh, Olympics" attitude, I love people that get into it. I think it's because the fandom of the Olympics feels so uniting in a cross-cultural, cross-geographic, cross-societal way. When we celebrate our sports teams (Chicago Bulls Forever), we're holding grudges with our neighbors. In Chicago, we even have a rivalry between the north and south side for baseball...as if there was a need for any more differences between Chicago's north and south side. When it's the Olympics, rivals play on the same team...and that team is emblazoned with U.S.A. Home of the brave? Fuck yeah!

More than that, it's hard not to feel super patriotic watching the Olympics. Since the summer Olympics happen during an election year, it's kinda great to feel American AF and pride in my country. I mean, look at Leslie Jones going full America, The Beautiful. I am so here for it!

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! It's the only time we com together to compete!!

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Leslie Jones, you are a Diamond Queen. And the next 99 days are for you.