100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Day 2 - Height and Heels

I'm 5'10" and have been since I was 12 years old. Being a tall women is a very specific experience where height and femininity are frequently seen at odds with each other. Heels or no heels becomes a type of personal manifesto. Leslie Jones is 6 feet tall and is frequently seen rocking whatever the hell footwear she wants. That takes some self-power and I am here for it. 

Even at times where I felt like I wanted to go unnoticed, shrink away, unprepared to fill my own space, that's not really an option when you're towering over the room. People see you. There is a grandness to that when you are ready to fill the power of your own presence. It's also a weakness when you're not exactly feeling yourself and wish you could just be absorbed into the wall. Even when you're just existing in that middle ground of not particularly feeling any specific identity and just want to walk to Walgreens for some toothpaste, everyone sees you.

Super models are tall. Sure. But what if you're not a super model? What if you're a 7 or an 8 and you went to Science Camp? Presidents and CEOs are also tall, but those weren't roles open to women until recently and even then are an extreme minority. It's an assumption of assertiveness and leadership precariously balanced with a level of appearing masculine and intimidating.

The tall woman is striking and terrifying. Lusted after and feared. I oftentimes find myself deciding between flats and heels depending on who I will be seeing. Do I need to appear less threatening or do I want to be the most eye-catching person in the room? I love wearing heels. They give your walk a sexy wiggle. They're intricate and interesting. It feels sexy to cross your legs with a cute pair of pumps twinkling at the end. Finding a pair that are under four inches is nearly impossible and one inch heels are reserved for grandmas. So my options are unsexy flats, being 6'2" and wearing grandma shoes.

A tall girl who wears heels is a confident girl. She is living that height and unafraid to be seen. She is not worried about intimidating you. She is not trying to make herself smaller and go by unnoticed. It doesn't matter to her how you feel about tall women. A tall chick in heels is self-approved.

Leslie Jones wears heels. She wears them in her comedy special Problem Child. She wears them on the red carpet. She wears them enough that this fact was included in The New Yorker's profile of her from earlier this year. She wears them on TV appearances.

Leslie Jones is a Diamond Queen and I am here for that.