100 Days of Leslie Jones: Day 4 - Full Circle With Whoopi Goldberg

Representation is important.

I remember listening to Brown Eyed Girl and feeling left out and jealous, because I have blue eyes. I always felt a little fraudulent singing it. That's one song. This analogy itself says something, because I have to pick one song from my parents' generation...most everything else represents me and people that look like me. I've really only felt this way one time in popular culture...and that was this one song.

If you haven't seen the very moving moment between Whoopi Goldberg and Leslie Jones, please watch it below. Whoopi Goldberg:Leslie Jones; Leslie Jones:Young Girls Of Color In 2016. I'm not the voice for people of color and can't really comment on how it feels from that perspective. I can, however, bow to the greatness of Leslie Jones who was inspired by seeing Whoopi, a woman of color, in media, used that as a source to grow her craft, found herself sitting across from a woman who meant so much to her and is now in a position to inspire the next generation. How many people get to meet the person who showed them they could dream for something big while they are actively living that childhood dream? That's some boss shit.