100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Days 15 & 16 - You never know who is watching

Ugh. This week has suuuuuuuucked...which I'm sure you may have gathered from my missing days on this quest.

Here are the things that are related to why my week has sucked so much and all of them are related to why I find spending 100 days writing about Leslie Jones so compelling:

  • Consent
  • Sexiness
  • Being "too much"
  • Not being "enough"
  • Being a success-driven woman
  • Being vulnerable physically
  • Being vulnerable emotionally
  • Growth
  • Celebration
  • Glowing regardless
  • Focus

It's been a really shitty week for me.

Leslie Jones - I'm so happy that you decided this week to get back on Twitter. I'm so happy to have seen you slaying all the way through your birthday. You never know who you are inspiring and who you are giving hope. And in this case, it was this woman here over at Accidentally Sexy. Thank you!