100 Days Of Leslie Jones: Day 9 - Who Do You Want To Be?

When you do a Google search for "Leslie Jones" right now, the results are dominated by stories and images linking to either the smug, self-satisified and completely unnecessary and interview with her internet attacker or articles on the hack of her website that includes repurposing nude images that the hacker used. I'll get into Leslie's right to take/send/whatever sexy photos of herself later. But for now. I was reading an article about the legal considerations that Leslie Jones' team can take in prosecuting the hackers published by Forbes.

Here is what I think is the most important excerpt:

"The best bet for victims like Ms. Jones is to appeal to human decency and request that organizations refrain from reporting on the illegally obtained information. Hopefully, at least respected news organizations would respect such appeals. But given the widespread reporting on, and even reposting of, the hacked nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and others from last year, there are unfortunately far more websites who would rather report on and repost such illegally obtained information than those who would comply with calls for acting responsibly. The prospect of more-and-more clicks on articles and posts about nude photos is apparently just too tempting for most."

Every news agency that has published those images or the interview with one of Jones' attackers is contributing to her abuse. Clicking on those links to be shocked or scandalized is contributing to the abuse of a real human person.

Who do you want to be in this scenario?