DJ Matt Roan, Fatherhood & Champagne

Matt Roan started deejaying the year that I moved to Chicago. I'm not saying that it is connected, but I am saying that good things seem to all happen at the same time. Roan's career has only increased since then and include playing multiple times at Lollapalooza. Recently, Matt Roan has taken on a new role as dad to a baby girl. In this very heartwarming episode, Ana Fernatt drinks champagne with DJ Matt Roan and talks to him about his musical career and new role as a dad. It's the kind of episode that'll make you feel like there is still a lot of good stuff in the world.

As an added holiday bonus, this episode contains a special 20% off coupon code for the Chicago Reader's choice of best mens' and womens' clothing designer, Anna Hovet. Listen to this episode to get the code!

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