Ricardo Gamboa, Psychic Phenomenon & Champagne

Have you ever thought about somebody only to have them call you minutes later? If you think about your pet, do they come wondering over to you? Have you had a dream about somebody in your life and woken up to really feel like it happened? These are the types of psychic phenomenon that Ricardo Gamboa and I discuss in this week's episode of Champagne & Snark. 

Ricardo Gamboa is an academic, artist and activist. His most recent project Brujos is a web series following four gay Latino grad students as they try to survive the semester and a witch-hunt. Brujos needs funding to be as amazing as the vision and Ricardo is hosting an Indiegogo to achieve that. Your donations can get you music from former Champagne & Snark guest Sadie Rocks, personal horoscopes and other exclusive experiences. Get involved here.

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