Samantha Irby, Television & Champagne

Television is Samantha Irby's favorite pastime when she's not bringing her readers at Bitches Gotta Eat to tears of hilarity and recognition. In this episode, we drink champagne with the Chicago-based writer and talk about reality TV, Orange Is The New Black, binge-watching favorites & why this type of media is important.

Sam Irby is host Ana Fernatt's personal favorite writer. Sam's book Meaty is a collection of essays that range from hilarious to deeply emotional, but through it all maintain a level of realness that is touching, charming and humorous...sometimes surprisingly in spite of it all. Most of all, her way of describing the world has helped me to find humor and humanity in my own vulnerability. 

Unsurprisingly, Sam is an absolute delight and this hour flew by. Even though we had to rerecord the last twenty minutes!

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