Sir The Baptist, Human Rights & Champagne

Musician Sir The Baptist has quite the life story already. Growing up in Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood as a kid of an influential preacher, he lived that PK life. From an early age, he saw things that were flawed and acted with love and empathy. In this episode, Sir drinks champagne and talks about his involvement with human rights, how he works it into his music and how he carries it out in his non-stage life.

In addition to performing on Late Night With Seth Meyers and playing Lollapalooza and all your favorite big festivals, Sir The Baptist's first national single, Raise Hell, is my summer jam. It's fun and high energy while also packing a really strong message. Watch the video here. And, if there weren't enough reason to listen to this week's episode of Champagne & Snark, Sir The Baptist also gives his full, and completely real, cell number out. He wants you to text him, FaceTime him, call him. Whatever. The dude is all about getting to know you.

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