Ja'bowen Dixon, Relationships & Champagne

Dating, love and relationships can be hard. In this week's episode, Ja'bowen Dixon drinks champagne with host Ana Fernatt and talks about relationships, romantic and otherwise, and how to find, identify and grow the right ones.

Ja'bowen is a professional entertainer and tap dancer who, in 2010, was on Ana Fernatt's well-published list of top 10 Chicago Guys I'd Totally Make Out With. Pop the champagne, skip the Netflix and let's cheers to coupling up....eventually...or never...or whatever.

Watch this YouTube playlist someone had created of four videos with Ja'bowen dancing. Seriously, if you were lucky enough to come to the Champagne & Snark one-year anniversary party, Ja'bowen blew us all away with a live performance. It was something else!

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